NASCAR Weekend: Win, Lose or Draw

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The season never ends.

While teams bunker down with preparations for Daytona,  the management upstairs is getting its final financial ducks in order to run teams in 2014. several events off the track shaped the way you will watch the races in 2014. Here’s a quick breakdown, Bert Convy style.

Win: NASCAR Management

NASCAR had two major wins this week. Todd Parrott has a crew chief gig with Tommy Baldwin Racing. NASCAR suspended Parrott after a failed substance abuse test and reinstated him after completing NASCAR’s Road To Recovery program. Others who completed the program haven’t been so lucky to reenter the sport. Parrott’s employment is a testament the program works and that others can utilize it without fear of permanent NASCAR banishment.

Lose: NASCAR Rule Changes

NASCAR has a new penalty system. It comes with a flowchart. Kudos for the attempt to explain the process, but the need a flowchart probably explains that whatever the system is might be too complicated for average fans.

It also speaks to a greater issue of NASCAR grasping for straws in an attempt to rebrand itself. Some believe this is true. Others don’t. The fact the discussion event takes places is a sign of issues. Just consider conversations like this recent one on AOL.




Draw: Texas Motor Speedway

Texas Motor Speedway got the Duck Dynasty folks to sponsor a 2014 race. This should be great exposure for a show that outdraws most network shows on its original airings.

So why is this a draw? Duck Dynasty brings some controversy to the table. Texas Motor Speedway also let the NRA sponsor a race last year. Regardless of where you stand on either issue, is this the kind of attention the sport needs? Does it reinforce stereotypes about NASCAR fans?

The season never sleeps. Each of these events offer their own narrative worth watching in 2014.