Did you miss the Wednesday afternoon White House ceremony honoring three-time Sprint Cup champion Jimmie Johnson, past champions and other drivers? Of course you did. You have a job. Or, maybe you don’t. Maybe you didn’t want to miss Dr. Phil. Whatever. You can still check out the president’s remarks in the video below. (UPDATE: I also added a video of Johnson giving the president a tour of the 48 car. It is definitely worth watching.) The drivers look genuinely enthused to be in the president’s presence. Tony Stewart, in particular, is all smiles. President Obama, for his part, clearly is not a NASCAR fan, but he manages to get through the ceremony without losing the vital Darlington Dads voting block.

Also, here is a very cool video of Johnson giving Obama a tour of the 48 car. Johnson explains how the car works and the president seems eager to learn. It’s easy to see why people say he has a bright, active mind. Johnson is one cool customer. With the exception of having a little trouble getting the hood of the car open, the champ is completely at ease talking to the most powerful man in the world. Nerves of steel – that’s how you win three straight Sprint Cups.


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