Nascar Win, Lose, or Draw: 400

Courtesy: Pocono Raceway

Courtesy: Pocono Raceway

Who knew could make Nascar so interesting?

While the party may still be on across Junior Nation, it’s time to look back at winners and losers from a wild weekend at Pocono.

Win: Chase Format:

Four drivers are within seven points of the final two Chase spots. Marcos Ambrose can squeeze one of those spots with a win at Watkins Glen, where he likely will be a favorite. Tony Stewart and Jamie McMurray will both need to win to make the Chase, something either can easily do.

The final five races offer the intrigue Nascar wanted when it created the format.  I’m not sure any of the drivers listed can win the Sprint Cup, but that’s another issue for another time.

Lose: Chase Participants:

This wreck was a sobering reminder of just how fleeting a Sprint Cup title can be. Sunday, it was no big deal for any Chase participant. Six races from now, one piece of bad luck end’s a season’s dream. By the way, how amazing is it nobody got hurt?

Draw: Dale Earnhardt Jr.:

The No. 88 won its third race of the year and swept Pocono. Earnhardt Jr. is also just 17 points behind Jeff Gordon for the most points this 2014 Sprint Cup season.

So why is Earnhardt Jr. a draw? His three wins are at tracks that don’t host Chase races. Names like Johnson, Gordon and even Keselowski have better past track records at Chase tracks. That doesn’t mean Earhnhardt Jr. can’t win the 2014 Sprint Cup. It does mean there are more barriers to overcome. Regardless, 2014 has been an amazing year for the entire team and a career rebirth for Earnhardt Jr. I would just feel better if those wins came at places the No. 88 would see in the final ten races of the season.

The sense of desperation is growing. Who knows what will come next at Watkins Glen next Sunday. Enjoy the week, and insert a random catchphrase here.