“NASCAR Wives”

It’s quite possible that the new TLC series “NASCAR Wives” is designed merely to appeal to the sport’s existing fans; perhaps it’s seen as something like “added value,” a reward to those rabid fans who can’t get enough of NASCAR and who want nothing more than to peek behind the curtain to see what life is really like inside the bubble.

However, because there seems to be a prevailing theory among those who run NASCAR that reads something like more exposure equals more fans leads to more profits, it seems likely that the show is designed to help spread the NASCAR word and attract new fans to the sport.
If, in fact, “NASCAR Wives” is added value, I wish it the best of luck (for any number of reasons, not least being I’m already fairly convinced of NASCAR’s greatness, I don’t plan to watch; that it goes up against reruns of “Sex & the City” has absolutely nothing to do with it). But if NASCAR is hopeful the show wins legions of new fans … well, here’s hoping no one really pays attention to pesky things like reviews – check out this puppy from The Philadelphia Inquirer’s critic Jonathan Storm, who got a preview while attending the Television Critics Association press tour.

What’s that saying? There’s no such thing as bad publicity?