Ask fans and members of the media to name the biggest jerk in the sport and you are likely to hear the name Kyle Busch – a lot. We’re not going to argue. Anyone who goes out of his way to antagonize Junior Nation, smashes trophies and repeatedly throttles smaller Nationwide and Truck Series teams for sport deserves the one-finger salute. While certainly deserving, we think Busch holds the jerk title for two reasons. 1.) He likes being the heel. 2.) Most fans are unfamiliar with Juan Pablo Montoya.

The more you learn about Montoya – who has raced himself into the Chase field in recent weeks – the more you realize he might have the worst attitude in the Sprint Cup. 

Maybe he was just having one of those days. We’ve all had them. Someone makes an honest mistake and you curse at that person so hard your woman has to intervene. Hey, how would you like it if someone broke your head?

Maybe the problem was that he was not content in F1 and it made him grouchy all of the time.

He switched to NASCAR and became a much happier person, right?

Oh, come on,  like he’s the first driver to have a disagreement with his crew chief.
It could happen to anyone at least once…

…or twice. 
Maybe he’s different with fellow drivers.

Well, OK.
Maybe he’s sorry about it.

Maybe not.
He at least has to act civilized when the cameras are on him, no?

Guess not.
Kyle Busch almost seems cute and cuddly, doesn’t he?