NASCAR’s branded entertainment has grown to include NASCAR programs on Showtime, NASCAR romance novels and now soaps. In a bold venture into the unknown, NASCAR crosses over into television with the soap opera "As The World Turns…Left."  Here are synopsis of the next four episodes coming to a TV near you.

This Used To Be Paradise
This week on "As the World Turns… Left" a dangerous secret is revealed. Paul Menard, driver of the #98 Menard Ford Fusion, has an evil twin… Raúl Menard (see photo on left). 

Raúl was banished from racing years ago after "the accident that no one speaks of."  After "the accident", an assassin was hired to eliminate Raúl, but he escaped into the Brazilian underground.  Now he’s back with a settle to score: he wants his ride back. 

Will the Menard family accept Raúl?  What about that assassin, is he still hunting for Raúl Menard?  Will right triumph over might? Why do both brothers have soul patches?  Tune in to find out.

In Trouble, You Turn Two

Coming up on "As the World Turns… Left", two adversaries confront their mysterious past.  NASCAR president (and trained physician) Mike Helton calls Carl Edward and Brad Keselowski into his office.  This time it won’t be to discipline the two men, but to deliver shocking news:  The blood work from the lab will conclude that the two men are actually brothers, separated at birth.  Stunned at the news, they agree to a temporary truce on the track.  But with a family Easter Brunch (Brad doesn’t "do" brunch, only lunch) will the two men be able to put aside their differences for a family meal?

How can two enemies be related by blood?  What happens when Brad gets into Carl at Bristol?  And who will host the Thanksgiving Dinner?

Who’s Your Bump Drafting Daddy?

Coming up on "As the World Turns… Left", a friendship is put to the test when the true father of Ingrid Vandebosch’s baby is reveal.  In a very special episode, Jimmie Johnson admits that he is the real father of Jeff Gordon’s baby.  Fist-a-cuffs ensue as the two champion drivers fight for the love of one woman. 

Johnson is also revealed to be the father of Carl Edwards baby, Matt Kenseth’s baby, Juan Pablo Montoya’s baby, Elliot Sadler’s baby, most of the Muppet Babies and the inspiration for Britney Spear’s song "Baby One More Time".

Green, White, Checkered Pattern Sale

Coming up on "As the World Turns… Left", Tony Stewart is stricken with amnesia.  After being struck in the head by a rogue tire iron, Tony wanders off the track and into Lane Bryant, a women’s fashion store.  He quickly befriends the sassy owner and flourishes as a ladies pants suit salesman.  But something is right…  

Will Tony realize he is a NASCAR driver and return to the track? Can his team find him in time for Sunday’s race?  Will he survive the Woven Capri Pants sale?