NASCAR’s Power Players

Despite the horrible economy and the attendant difficulties confronting the sports marketplace, NASCAR remains one of the most potent forces in the sports world.

With 36 official race weekends and tens of millions of devoted fans, NASCAR generates billions of dollars in revenue for its stakeholders — the sanctioning body itself, the dozens of full-time teams, and tracks, among others. Having signed an eight-year, $4.5 billion TV contract in 2005, NASCAR is consistently the second-highest rated sport on TV, trailing only the National Football League and dwarfing those of Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association, and the PGA (Take that, Tiger Woods!).

Though NASCAR inexplicably remains something of an anomaly to many in America, it is unquestionably a cultural and economic phenomenon. Here, then, a look at some of the most important, most Powerful Players in the world of NASCAR.