This week NBC announced the development of a scripted NASCAR-themed TV show. The development of a NASCAR sitcom was inevitable after the the success of Michael Waltrip’s appearance on My Name is Earl. Perpetually fighting to get out of the ratings basement, NBC and NASCAR have partnered to propel the two brands back into lead. NBC execs are excited about the prospect of infusing their franchise programs with more racing-related content. Here are five new NASCAR-themed shows to debut this fall on NBC.
1. Sunday Night NASCAR Football
Same as regular football, but all the players on the field drive stock cars. While it’s true that every week will devolve into a demolition derby, who won’t pay to see Payton Manning and Ray Lewis as the two last men standing in Sunday Night Demolition Derby? If you think Kyle Busch and Joey Logano got RAW, wait until Cris Collinsworth is in the jaws of car-crushing MegaShredder-saurus. This new show makes Bristol look like a tea party.

2. Law & Order & NASCAR
Law and Order always had the who-done-it plot twists, gritty characters and cops serving up puns, but for all 20 seasons it was missing one critical component: kick-ass cars. Every great TV detective had a kick-ass ride: Magnum P.I.(Ferrari), Miami Vice (Ferrari Daytona Spyder), Starsky & Hutch (Ford Gran Torino), Murder She Wrote (Angela Lansbury’s tricked-out Plymouth Barracuda). With this NASCAR partnership, Law & Order finally enters the upper echelon of cop shows. Opening Scene: "Dun dun." Open on Jerry Orbach with his trademark zinger.  Orbach puts on his shades, the camera pulls back to reveal Orbach’s in the drivers’ seat of Tony Stewart’s No. 14 Chevy and he peels out. Instant classic.
3. Battlestar Galactica

What’s better than a sci-fi show about the last human survivors battling an evil alien race to found Earth? Recasting the show with with NASCAR drivers.  Darrell Waltrip would have to reprise his villainous past to play the role of Alien Commander, bent on destroying the human race after being snubbed for the Intergalactic Hall of Fame. The only hope humanity has is from a young human star commander named Jimmie Johnson who uses his plain vanilla personality to lead a combustible group of fighters.
4. The Winter Olympics
All the breathtaking action of the Winter Olympics, but all the athletes compete in winter sports inside stock cars. Short-track Speed Skating is already pretty close to Bristol, just throw snow tires on the cars and have at it. Picture mounting skis to Logano’s Home Depot car and watching it fly down the slalom course or Denny Hamlin barreling down the bobsled track. For the purists, there will still be women’s figure skating on skates, but they will have to dodge Harvick’s Chevy and Carl Edwards in No. 99. Now the sport has something to offer lady viewers and the fellas.
5. The Tonight Show live from Fontana, CA
While disappointed at the loss of Team CoCo and Conan’s Jimmie Johnson drag race, the Leno-led Tonight Show will still sizzle at Fontana. Jay loves cars so moving his studio to the infield of Fontana seemed like a natural fit. Unfortunately, due to the noise generated from the cars Jay’s most frequent question for his guests is, "Would you please speak up, I couldn’t hear you over the roar of the engines." The program was cut short after a tragic mishap while recording Leno’s "Jaywalking" segment.