NASCAR has partnered with Hallmark to create a line of NASCAR-inspired greeting cards. Several prominent drivers are participating in the venture, writing their own cards for the series. These cards are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries or saying you’re sorry after a flying kick fight.

For anyone wondering what to get Jeff Gordon for his birthday, now there is the perfect card. Here is a sampling from Hallmark’s fall collection of cards written by NASCAR drivers.

Happy Valentine’s Day by Carl Edwards

Carl Edwards has a car for all the fellas who want to add a little romance to their Valentine’s Day. Carl guarantees this card will get that special lady’s motor running. Just make sure you don’t get a speeding penalty of the pit road of love (it will put you a lap down).

Happy Birthday by Richard Childress

Sometimes you have to get a birthday card for someone you don’t really like.  There are very few cards out there to address that need.  That’s why Richard Childress has stepped in with this card for the guy you don’t like, but you have to work with.

Get Well Soon by Dale Earnhardt Jr.

This card will make anyone feel better. No matter what illness or calamity has befallen a person, at least they’re not Dale Jr. With one win in four years and talk that he is a cooler in the Hendrick garage, this card is a great "pick-me-up" for someone feeling bad about themselves.

Happy Father’s Day by Kyle Petty

Remember the first time you visited your dad’s workplace and saw all the  models in short shorts sitting on the hoods of cars (or on top of copy machines, if you’re dad worked in a regular office)? Take Your Son To Work Day never was so good. Too bad mom would cry herself to sleep every night.

For a Good Friend by Jeff Gordon

This card is pretty specific. Jeff didn’t really get the idea that he was writing a card for the general public. It looks like he had a very specific message to send to that special someone in his life.