Count NASCAR Sprint Cup driver Ryan Newman among the people who believe the moon landing never happened. Said the Rocket Man, "I’m pretty sure (the original moon landing) was fake. I watched the documentary on it, and it’s pretty easy to believe. The flag was standing straight out when there’s no wind up there. When they step on the surface, there should have been a big cloud because there’s no atmosphere." But that’s not all he said. In a fascinating interview with the News-Record’s Dustin Long, Newman also revealed that:

  • He thinks overpopulation will kill us all like cats: "In any form of life, overpopulation leads into a disease or a mass killing of sorts that is out of control until somebody creates a vaccine. That’s eventually coming to the human race. It’s the natural thing. It’s the natural thing for ants, cats and whatever else. So, it will be natural for us. Yeah, there’s a way to prepare for it, but nobody’s willing to take that … China is probably the closest to taking that risk of minimizing overpopulation but it doesn’t work. Look at them. They’re in worse shape than us."
  • He does not trust grocery store chicken: "I’m building a chicken coop. It’s made for 10 right now. Going back to some of the things that are screwed up in the world, food is probably the most screwed up thing in respect to what’s in it, not necessarily chickens, but what chickens eat and things like that. Everybody has got this big organic thing, but it’s still mass-produced organic and it’s not the same, so I feel like from a farm standpoint, some of the healthiest people in the world I’ve ever met are farmers, partially because of their work ethic and the other part is what they eat and what they believe in. (We’ll) just raise our own food, raise our own beef, raise our own chickens, raise our own eggs."
  • Being married to Krissie Newman means being wrong 75 percent of the time: "What have I learned about marriage? That you’re only half right half the time, which usually leads to 25 percent. It’s as difficult as you want to make it or as it as easy as you want to make it. It all depends on who you are and who you’re married to."

Ryan Newman, you are one interesting dude. Check out the transcript here

UPDATE: Thank you, anonymous commenter. This is what happens when you tell Dancing with the Stars’ Buzz Aldrin that the moon landing was faked.