The NFL Catches a Cold and NASCAR Gets Sick?

Recent reports indicate that the NFL is considering adding a game or two to its regular-season schedule; though no changes would take place before the 2011 season, such a schedule modification would likely require the NFL to move its Super Bowl — to the same weekend as NASCAR’s Super Bowl, the Daytona 500.

According to a story at, the idea that both events could be held on the same day is, understandably, something of a non-starter for Sprint, a large sponsor of the NFL and, obviously, the signature partner of NASCAR. The likely result? NASCAR would consider moving the 500.

Clearly, the Super Bowl enjoys an unrivalled spot in America’s cultural and sporting landscape; therefore, it makes a certain sense that the NFL can, effectively, do as it pleases. Still, the prospect of it undertaking such a change and NASCAR reacting says much about the two sport’s relative position in the sporting heirarchy — it seems at least a bit unlikely that the NFL would entertain a similar change if, for example, the World Series was played in February.