I’m not going to lie. It pained me deeply to learn that Nicole Manske of ESPN’s "NASCAR Now" is actually going to marry IndyCar driver Ryan Briscoe on December 19th. Yes, I knew they were engaged, but there was always hope. Maybe she would see the light. Maybe she would dump the Australian IndyCar driver. Who understands what the hell those people say half the time anyway? No luck. As Racing Fashionistas recently reported, the wedding is a go. It will take place in Hawaii. No, I was not invited. That’s probably for the best. Would have been awkward.

Let this gallery stand as a memorial to the "Nicole Manske Is Single Era," an era that was all-too-brief for so many of us race fans. Good luck, Nicole. God Bless. And as they like to say Down Under, "Ope yur wallabe disn’t wint fir a crackermate. Ciz zatsafadawame."




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