The new iPhone 3G S is, by most accounts, awesome. That is, unless you are a NASCAR or Howard Stern fan. The iPhone offers Sirius satellite radio, but lacks two of its most popular channels. Disappointment is nothing new for Sirius subscribers like me. When I recently upgraded my Sirius subscription to include the NASCAR channel, I was disappointed to discover that I could not listen to NASCAR Channel 128 online, which is how I prefer to consume my satellite radio.

The problem, according to media maven The Daily Planet, is "the convoluted world of NASCAR media contracts … The current NASCAR deal with Turner allows Turner to control all online NASCAR content. That includes audio and video applications."

Apple and Turner would need to hammer out a deal.

I’m pretty sure Sirius would like to make its content available to as many users as possible. As The Daily Planet is correct to point out, in a year of plummeting popularity for the sport, wouldn’t it make sense for NASCAR to find a way to feed more programming to its fan base?

No Sirius NASCAR channel on iPhones (The Daily Planet)