FONTANA, Calif. _ All Left Turns was track-side for Sunday’s Pepsi Max 400 at the Auto Club Speedway. Here’s a peak at the events that took place around the track on Sunday.

  • In appreciation of Halloween, racing fans came dressed as empty seats. That or there were just a lot of empty seats.
  • Denny Hamlin’s marriage to the bottom of the race track was one of 69 NASCAR-themed weddings that took place. Seventeen couples tied the knot at the track with Michael Waltrip as Best Man and Miss Sprint Cup serving as the Maid of Honor. Fifty-two couples renewed their vows as well.
  • Also in appreciation of Halloween, Mark Martin came dressed as 2009 Mark Martin with a sixth-place finish.
  • Based on the audience’s reaction at driver introductions, Meg Whitman, candidate for Governor of California, will lose the election (she was boisterously boo’d), but Miss Sprint Cup, Monica Palumbo, would win the governorship in a landslide (she was heartily cheered).
  • According to the number of flags flown from RVs in the infield, the most popular drivers are Jeff Gordon, Pirates, Jimmie Johnson (in that order).
  • Lance McGrew’s pit calls were nearly as bad as my concession stand decisions (too much cheese on those nachos.)
  • I discovered this weekend that many teams lock up the golf carts they use to zip around the track because all of the carts have the same key, and property rights don’t matter much at the track when you have to walk a mile in the sun to the audio editing truck.
  • On Sunday, Kyle Busch gave David Reutimann more room on the track than a single lady gives a crazy man on the bus.