Observations From Turn One

The more things, change the more they stay the same. As the 2019 campaign enters Turn One, things still look largely familiar when looking back in recent history.

The Contenders Still Contend

Even with all the talk about the proliferation of youngsters in the NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Series, it’s still the top dogs outrunning the pack. Joey Logano, Kyle Busch, Brad Keselowski, Denny Hamlin, Kevin Harvick- you remember those guys, right? The cream still rises to the top. Oh, the diaper dandies will get there, but these old (can we really say that about Joey the Giraffe?) dudes aren’t rolling over anytime soon.

The Lead Car Owns Big Advantage

You know how the old saying goes, that unless you’re the lead dog, the view is all the same. The racing is definitely more interesting, even if feels a little ginned up from the cars moving slower. With that being said, if you’re out front in that clean air, you still have the power. The willingness to improve the racing is admirable, it just seems like a little exhibition race to put the rules package to the test would have been a smart idea. Oh well, what do I know? I’m just a dumb fan.

Chevy Is Lagging Behind

The causal factors vary for this; this isn’t suggesting Chevrolet is headed for a long dark winter. This fan just remembers a day when the bowties ate everybody’s lunch a la Hendrick Motorsports and the earlier days of Stewart-Haas Racing. Right now, Ford smiling big, Toyota’s a success and only two of the top ten drivers in the standings: Kyle Larson and Kurt Busch of Chip Ganassi are in the top ten. It’s really a strange sight (even if this has been going on a while) to see the likes of Jimmie Johnson running just north of 20th.

JGR Drivers Still Whine

Given what the Gibbs family and the JGR organization is going through, it would be kind of nice to root them on ……but good Lord, Kyle Busch whines like a prune-fed cat, and Martin Truex Jr. and Erik Jones are whining about how they’re being raced. I don’t care two hoots about how the guy two laps down isn’t rolling over for you. Maybe it’s considered a breach of racing etiquette, but if I’m say- Ricky Stenhouse- I say if you don’t like how I race, do something about it. I swear it’s not been easy find a new driver to root for with the old school guy gone. Yeah, I’m turning in to an old curmudgeon, but listening to these softies whine, and expecting everyone to clear a path is just dumb.

Media Still Compares Busch To Petty

Kyle Busch has 51 career Cup victories, he is nowhere near Richard Petty’s 200. He’s an awesome driver, but quit contriving a story that doesn’t exist. When Kyle Busch wins 149 more races, we’ve got something to talk about.

Rant over.