Open Wheelers? They Kinda Suck

NASCAR might need to reconsider its fascination with open-wheelers. First of all, the latest and loudest announcement that yet another open-wheeler is about to move into NASCAR just reeks of desperation and low self-esteem: See? We’re legit! Even cool guys from the IRL and F1 wanna race in NASCAR! But — and this is the point — outside of Tony Stewart or Dan Gurney, how many transplants have really done much of anything? You want to give me Juan Pablo Montoya and his lone win at Infineon last year? Fine. I’ll see that — he damn well better thrive on a road course — and raise you — the former F1 driver has finished 30th-or-worse in 23 of the 67 NASCAR races he’s run. And, because I’m polite, I won’t go anywhere near the Sam Hornishes or the Patrick Carpentiers or the Dario Franchittis of the world.

So Scott Speed may well be the second coming and I guess I hope he is. But unless and until he, you know, delivers, I think I’ll just keep my shirt on.