Kyle Petty Deserves Better

According to virtually every report in all media, Kyle Petty's days as a driver for Petty Enterprises are numbered. That's too bad. Understand, it's difficult to make an argument for keeping the 48-year-old behind the wheel of the No. 45 Dodge. While he has won eight races in his 30-year career (putting him a reasonably respectable 60th among all-time race winners), he has not only needed 828 races to earn those wins, but  his last came in 1995. Even worse, he's finished among the top ...


Open Wheelers? They Kinda Suck

NASCAR might need to reconsider its fascination with open-wheelers. First of all, the latest and loudest announcement that yet another open-wheeler is about to move into NASCAR just reeks of desperation and low self-esteem: See? We're legit! Even cool guys from the IRL and F1 wanna race in NASCAR! But -- and this is the point -- outside of Tony Stewart or Dan Gurney, how many transplants have really done much of anything? You want to give me Juan Pablo Montoya and his lone win at Infi ...



Over 350 NASCAR Sprint Cup races were held the past ten years. The total range of descriptions can be used to describe them. From total heart stopping thrillers to nap inducing parades. Some were historic, had thrilling endings, emotional stories or just meant a little more to the world. These five gave us memories to talk about for years to come. 1. Winston 500, Talladega AL Oct. 15, 2000. This race was Dale Earnhardt’s 76th and final Cup Series victory. He is known as the superspeedway ...

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