The Pettys Might Want to Consider An Intervention

Having done my fair share of therapy in a vain attempt to work through anger and family-of-origin issues — it didn’t work — I’m hesitant to weigh in on another family’s squabbles or engage in armchair psychology. 

Look, I said I was hesitant … I didn’t say I wouldn’t do it. 

Did you happen to see the answer Richard Petty gave to a question during a Dodge teleconference? The King’s response to son Kyle’s recent comments blasting what had been Petty Enterprises? Check this out:  

When we did our deal with Boston Ventures, we never had a place for Kyle at Petty Enterprises. He sort of got out of the loop. When he got out of the loop, he’s been doing his own thing…I’ve not seen him since Christmas. He’s been so busy, I’ve been so busy. He got snow-bound in Pittsburgh for a few days one time; we just really never have gotten together. I’ve really not talked to him. I spoke to him a couple of times on the phone; you can’t get much done on the phone. He talked to his mother. He was really crushed that we didn’t include him in that part of it, and I can understand that. We were so busy trying to get our end of the deal done and make it work with a new team that it fell through the crack and I’m sorry that it did.

Holy crap. Nope, no fodder for an uncomfortable father/son, heart-to-heart in that answer! Not a single unresolved issue left hanging in the air! Nothing that will go unaddressed for a few years and serve to undermine an already complicated relationship in anything the King said!  

Begging to be among the guests at the next Petty family barbecue …