You might be a Jeremy Mayfield if … you’ve ever had to call the cops to get your drunken former stepmother off your front porch. WCNC in Charlotte reports that suspended NASCAR driver Mayfield and his wife Shana called police Saturday to report that Lisa Mayfield, Mayfield’s former stepmother, was trespassing on their property. The Mayfields said that Lisa was drunk and banging on their door. They also claim she threatened to kill them. Police confirmed being called to the property. WCNC’s Web site posted this photo of a woman it identified as Lisa Mayfield:

Mayfield, who was suspended by NASCAR in May for failing a drug test, spent Friday finalizing the details of a wrongful death lawsuit he plans to file against his former stepmother, whom Mayfield believes played a part in his father’s death, which authorities ruled a suicide. Lisa Mayfield has sued Mayfield for slander.

** Update: WSOC reports that Lisa Mayfield was arrested by deputies who responded to the call at Mayfield’s Catawba, N.C., home. She was charged with second-degree trespassing and simple assault. Catawba police Chief Cecil Cook said officers put Mayfield in a holding cell Saturday night because she was intoxicated and knocking on the door of Jeremy Mayfield’s home on Hudson Chapel Road in Catawba. She was released on Sunday after making an unsecured $5,000 bond.

According to ESPN’s David Newton, Jeremy and Shana were on their way to Cherokee Speedway in Gaffney, S.C., for a dirt track race when they received a call from a couple that lives on their property. Reports Newton:

Shana said the couple heard banging on the door and went to the house to investigate. She said by the time she and Jeremy arrived back at the house, Lisa Mayfield was in handcuffs. At that point, Shana Mayfield claimed that Lisa Mayfield threatened to come back and "kill me." "According to the officers she was pretty high," Cook said. "The officers took her to jail on public assistance … to make sure she didn’t cause problems to anybody or herself. The Mayfields came up (to the magistrate’s office) and took charges out. She was arrested on those charges while in jail." Shana said the simple assault charges were filed because Lisa kicked the wife of the couple and became physical with the couple’s pregnant daughter. Cook said officers at the scene did not witness either confrontation.

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