Racing: No One Quite Does It Like Americans


Looking out my office window, I see a row of American flags flying. Somehow they serve as a silent reminder that for all of our country’s faults, we are free. Today, we celebrate that freedom. Freedom is expressed in many ways: through our words, through our choices, through our actions. You could say racing is one such expression of freedom.

Have you ever opened it up on a lonely rural highway? Now we’re not advocating lawlessness here, but race fans, you know what I mean if you’re being intellectually honest. Freedom and fast go hand in glove. It’s like setting a caged animal free. “Nothing can catch me now.”

At the track, everything you sense is loud and proud. The engines roar like a lion on the Serengeti. The drivers push their machines to the limit, like a cheetah commandeering its prey. The race teams plot their grand plans like a hunter on safari.

Fans claim their favorite drivers like family members. Some fan bases truly do seem like a nation unto themselves. Don’t cross them, race fans, like most Americans, will squabble and gouge with each other, until an outside force threatens, then they fight for each other. That’s my America. E pluribus unum- “out of many, one.” 

Perhaps moreso than any other body in sports, NASCAR has embraced Americana. Racing events are chock full with salutes to the troops, prayers of thanksgiving and a sense of community you would be hard pressed to match anywhere else. Everyone involved seems to have that sense that racing is a celebration, and we celebrate thanks to those who defend us.

It’s not just that, but in another way racing is a celebration of innovation and advancement. Sure, there are fine automotive engineers all over the globe, but there’s something special when an American builds a car. We flat just do it bigger, and if someone else does it better, we don’t quit and we get better.

On this occasion, we here at All Left Turns say thanks to you, our loyal reader. We don’t do what we do without you. Enjoy your holiday, set off the fireworks, crank up the music nice and loud, and keep it off the walls.