Richard Petty Appearing on Sean Hannity

Clearly taking his role as his sport’s "ambassador" just a bit too literally, Richard Petty (above, with Curt Schilling and John McCain), winner of a record 200 NASCAR races and a record-tying seven championship, will appear on Sean Hannity’s self-titled program on FOX News Channel Wednesday at 9PM (EST).

Petty will reportedly stake out NASCAR’s position on proper troop deployment in Afghanistan and offer his own schedule for withdrawal from Iraq.

"I think it’s an honor for our sport that they would ask someone from NASCAR to come on there and talk about whatever the issues of the day are in the world," Petty said in a statement. "I think it will be a lot of fun."

No word yet on if FOX’s fair and balanced talking heads will at least be consistent and vigorously attack Petty for abusing his celebrity to comment on issues he knows nothing about.