Richmond Recap: Win, Lose or Draw

Clint Bowyer

Saturday night at Richmond was crazy? How crazy? On the first full weekend on the football season, NASCAR is on the front page of ESPN’s website. Richmond was that crazy. Here’s a breakdown, Bert Convy style.

Win: Clint Bowyer:

Yes, that Clint Bowyer. Regardless of the intent or lack of intent surrounding his late spin, Bowyer has casual sports fans talking about NASCAR in September. That simply doesn’t happen in this sports climate. Bowyer has become a name and character in a sport in dire need of names and characters.

Lose: Ryan Newman

Is there another driver with a worse run of luck? Newman lost his ride to Kevin Harvick because there wasn’t room for a fourth team until there was room for a fourth team with Kurt Busch. Ouch.

Newman would have had the full resources of Stewart Haas Racing for the Chase, which has used those resources to bring Tony Stewart a title. Assuming Newman wins, this would be his last/best chance to win a title.  Now Newman doesn’t have a secure gig for 2014, let alone one that can contend for a title.


NASCAR got mainstream media, but at what cost? Several have suggested that had Bowyer not spun out, a mystery debris caution was coming.  Mainstream sports can’t thrive when their credibility is question. NASCAR is getting good at finding itself in the crosshairs…maybe too good.

Win: Carl Edwards

He did win the race and earn extra bonus points. As we all learned last night, every point does matter. Edwards and Roush Fenway Racing excel at 1.5 mile tracks which are Chase staples.

Lose: Rick Hendrick

Jeff Gordon misses the Chase. Jimmie Johnson lays another egg. Dale Earnhardt Jr. looks lost. Is Kasey Kahne really his best chance at the title?

Draw: Michael Waltrip

Waltrip got two Toyota drivers in the Chase at the expense of Chevy. But add this controversy with the Rodney Childers situation and you get a team that has polarized some folks. NASCAR teams have long memories.

Saturday night in Richmond was crazy. The Richmond race is over. It’s legacy and time in the headlines are anything but. Imagine what’s going to happen over the next 10 races.