Rogue-ity, rogue-ity, rogue-ity! Let’s go racing, boys!
Sarah Palin, pictured above, (kidding!), is attending the Daytona 500. The Daytona Beach News-Journal reports that Palin has requested credentials for the Feb. 14th event. Palin is booked to speak at the annual Daytona Regional Chamber of Commerce dinner on Feb. 15. Palin will arrive one day early to attend the race at Daytona International Speedway. The former vice presidential candidate to Republican John McCain, and author of the book "Going Rogue," is attending as a VIP fan. It is believed she will go to the drivers meeting and make an appearance on the stage during pre-race activities.

So, for the record, Palin is speaking in Florida and, following in President Reagan’s footsteps, is attending the Daytona 500. Sounds like she is gearing up for a presidential run in 2012 to me. That or she’s just a huge fan of restrictor-plate racing.

Sarah Palin to attend Daytona 500 as a fan (Daytona Beach News-Journal)