What Off-Season? NASCAR Drivers At The Chili Bowl

Rico Abreu

It’s a different breed of cat that races. It takes a special brand of adrenaline junkie to have the stones to drive at break neck speeds with a field of others doing the same thing. You can imagine they aren’t much for sitting still. During NASCAR’s “off-season,” you’ve got drivers competing at events like the Snowball Derby and the Chili Bowl- which is going on right now.

It’s a virtual gallery of NASCAR stars in Tulsa: you’ve got everybody from Kasey Kahne to 2017 winner Christopher Bell turning laps at an event that started Tuesday and concludes on Saturday. Also on hand at Tulsa is Ricky Stenhouse Jr., Rico Abreu, and Alex Bowman is there as owner.

Speaking of Larson, he picked up a Tuesday night victory in a ride owned by his dad at a Chili Bowl preliminary race. That gives him four victories at the event. That moves Larson on to the main event, in what is described as the “Super Bowl of Midget Racing.” According to an Associated Press piece, along with his brother-in-law to be Brad Sweet.

The Chili Bowl is a reminder that- among fans- there are NASCAR fans, and there are racing fans. Racing fans have some great opportunities to scratch that racing itch during the winter months, with events that are often more compelling than so-called “big time” racing.

As we’ve seen time and time again, it takes a lot of skill, and a lot of guts to compete in this kind of racing. You’re racing on dirt (ever tried it? It’s not easy) and you’re doing so in death defying machines. It’s dangerous, and it has the capacity to end a life or end a career, and yet, racers race. It’s what they do……and we love it.

If you’re new to racing, check it out. You’ll get hooked. The Chili Bowl Nationals are one of those must-see events like the Snowball Derby or the Prelude to a Dream at Eldora. Don’t miss it.