Add Jeff Gordon to the long list of expecting NASCAR fathers this summer. In the last few weeks Jimmie Johnson and Juan Pablo Montoya have been showered with baby gifts thanks to their own new editions. Summer is a popular time for NASCAR babies: Matt Kenseth (July 2009) and Gordon (first child June 2007) with a Sam Hornish baby on the way. 

If you turn back the clock nine months, all these drivers were in Homestead, Fla. for the last race of the season. What makes Southern Florida so sexy for making babies?

1. The Sweet Dulcet Tones of Andy Petree
When Andy Petree speaks, ladies get weak in the knees. He’s the Barry White of ABC/ESPN commentators. Every time Andy says, ‘Tight in Turn Two’ ten women get pregnant. They say the secret ingredient to Spanish Fly is just the whispered seductions of Andy Petree captured in bottle-form. Some folks speculate that if Wilt Chamberlain had Andy Petree’s voice, he would have slept with 20,000 women.

2. Tony Stewart Feuds
Roses, chocolates and candles are child’s play; a tussle with Smoke may be the strongest aphrodisiac of all. Last year at Homestead Montoya and Stewart tangled on the track, nine months later there was a new member to the Montoya clan. In 2007, Gordon and Stewart mixed it up the week before Homestead only to produce Jeff’s first child nine months later. If Brad Keselowski had Stewart’s magic baby mojo, Carl Edwards would be the proud father of fifteen children.

3. The Strong Scent of Cologne in South Beach
Miami is a fun town with great food, but it has the overpowering smell of Axe Body Spray, self-tanners and discount cologne. There’s a reason Jersey Shore selected South Beach to party at for season two (and it wasn’t to hear more of Andy Petree’s seductive observations on NASCAR).

4. Schools Out For Summer Syndrome
The last race of the year is like the last day of school. It’s all parties, cupcakes and no homework. The sweet smell of summer (or at least the NASCAR off-season) is all the encouragement some drivers need after a long season chasing Jimmie Johnson.

5. Beaches, Sunshine and Dance Clubs
Miles of beautiful sandy beaches, crashing waves, hot night clubs and scenic moonlight walks might have played a very tiny part in setting a romantic mood for these lovebirds…but Andy Petree and Tony Stewart seem like more credible causes for all the baby-making romance.