Silly Season Talk Is Centering Around The Roush Stable

Biffle wins at MIS

That awkward moment when your big brother pulls the curtain open and there you stand like a deer in the headlights. Did you catch that little exchange between DW and Mikey during a FOX pre-race discussion about Greg Biffle of Roush Fenway Racing? It’s not every day you see Michael Waltrip flustered as he backs away from any notion that Biffle may be headed for Michael Waltrip Racing in 2015. The next Waltrip family barbecue may find Darrell with a little mustard, make that a lot of mustard on his shirt. Denial isn’t a river in Egypt. It seems the stronger the denial, the more likely it is the rumor is true.

This new speculation happens during a time in which RFR announces the number six will race again with Trevor Bayne, complete with a sponsorship by Advocare. Since winning the 2011 Daytona 500, Bayne has been tra-lahling along in his part-time Wood Brothers ride. Bayne will be sure to gather plenty of attention, not only as a Tim Tebow-like figure- outspoken about his Christian faith- but also to see how his health holds up after his diagnosis of MS.

Then there’s the continuing speculation that sponsor magnet Carl “How Many Sponsors Can I Name In One Sentence?” Edwards is bound for Joe Gibbs Racing. It makes you wonder what former teammate Matt Kenseth must be thinking (see Martinsville, 2008 for reference); not that he has a lot of say in the matter. Hey, if Tony Stewart and Kurt Busch get along, why not Kenseth and Edwards under the steadying influence of Coach Gibbs.

Biffle at MWR may not be as far fetched as it may first sound, especially if the scenario materializes that find the 3M sponsorhip going with him. It’s an intriguing scenario, especially considering that this not like moving over to Hendrick Motorsports or Penske. Michael Waltrip Racing had gained momentum as an organization before the dominoes fell at Richmond last September. On the other hand, if TRD is willing to pump enough into a team that has managed to soldier on past the scandal. To hear some whispers in the garage, Biffle may be eager to be anywhere other than where he currently is.

While it certainly seems plausible that Biffle would walk, it will be interesting to watch the Edwards situation, particularly as it pertains to Ford. While Penske is something of a new golden boy for Ford, the manufacturer and Jack Roush have been like peas and carrots for as long as most race fans can remember. Edwards has been an especially attractive face for the nameplate, and one would think they would do whatever they could at their disposal to keep Cousin Carl in the blue oval camp.

What makes it all the more interesting, is everyone involved has options. If Edwards and Biffle depart, Roush may have to look at putting some younger fannies in his rides, but they are out there.

Ah silly season, does it ever really end? It could all come to pass, and they could all stay put. All the rumors and denials bring to mind the old Huey Lewis tune, “Some Of My Lies Are True (Now And Then.)