Our friends over at MANVITE (like Evite, but with balls) have created a custom "Watch NASCAR" invitation featuring links to All Left Turns. Try it for an upcoming event like Pocono this weekend and you’ll look like a badass while spreading the word to your friends.

The site allows you to organize viewing at the track or on TV, or set up and track attendees for any guy event like a barbecue or bachelor party. MANVITE also publishes a monthly calendar featuring key Sprint Cup dates, along with other important reminders like Angelina Jolie’s birthday.

Other great features: women can be allowed or expressly banned from any event; any invitation that isn’t deemed to be sufficiently manly gets rejected and sent to a pink girly-man site for revision; and there’s a post-game page after every event where you can talk about the race results and who drank the most.

Check it out at www.manvite.com.