(Not So) Sleepy Little Pocono



When you see all the trees outside the track and the scenic surroundings, one can’t help but think this track missed its calling as a baseball venue (I know what you’re thinking- insert “baseball is boring” barb here.) The expectations for an eventful race weren’t real high, but while I was napping, a race broke out.

Brad’s Big Save– The 2012 champion pulled off an impressive piece of driving at the race’s outset. What we saw later in the race is not everyone can successfully save a car the way Brad Keselowski did as the race got underway.

Jimmie Bows Out– Strike a blow for parity, Jimmie Johnson wrecked out again. Memo to Chad Knaus: you might want to think about running those tire pressures a little higher if you want to…..oh never mind, just keep doing what you’re doing. Some people think the 48 team is sandbagging it. Playing around a little and experimenting? I could find that plausible. Trying NOT to win? Anyone who truly believes that knows nothing of the heart of competitor.

Game planning– Maybe this sports fan has watched too many stick and ball sports, but yours truly doesn’t mind strategy playing into racing. Who will hit it right? Who will miss? It’s kind of like playing cards; pocket bullets doesn’t always guarantee a winning hand.

The Big One- There have been some fender benders of note, but what we see Sunday is more reminiscent of Talladega. Nobody did anything stupid, it was truly a racing deal, and a pile-up that changed the complexion of the race. Really glad nobody got hurt. I think Tony Stewart and Paul Menard are tired of dealing like this.

Flying To The Flag- With Happy Harvick on Junior’s tail, there was no taking for granted that Earnhardt had this race in the bag. We’ve seen this movie before. Dale even admitted over driving and giving Harvick a window to catch him. The 4 and the 88 gave fans a heck of a show for the finish.

Now it’s on to Watkins Glen, a golden opportunity for some on the bubble drivers to grab an open playoff spot. Don’t be so sure this Marcos Ambrose’ race for the taking. Kyle Busch, Brad Keselowski, Cousin Carl, Tony Stewart and Jeff Gordon might have something to say about that. Heck, don’t forget Earnhardt- a notorious road course hater- ran a strong race at Sonoma earlier this season.