SPEED has a new show called RACE HUB, which airs Monday through Thursday at 7pm ET/4pm PT. The reason I mention it is that SPEED has put some behind-the-scenes footage online, and this stuff is fun to watch, especially if you’re into the unintentionally awkward comedy of Brad Keselowski. 

The background: RACE HUB  is a nightly report that aims to bring viewers close to the inner workings of NASCAR. It is a source of NASCAR news and information, plus conversations with those inside the sport. Using the same SPEED style seen at the track, the new show is set in a “garage playroom” with a variety of set pieces. The show features an array of guests, including Jimmy Spencer, Jimmie Johnson, Greg  Biffle and Wendy  Venturini, but did we really need to mention anyone after Jimmy Spencer? Didn’t think so.
Check out a few sneak peaks below.