Ah, Sonoma…  wine country.  Also known as whine country, because a lot of drivers just don’t like road courses, and these crash videos from Sonoma/Sears Point/Infineon/Whatever show us why.

Harvick takes out three cars 2008

Dale Earnhardt Jr. crashes Corvette CR5, 2005

Steve Park flips 1999

Ken Schrader also flips, 1999

… and in the same spot, too.  The safety workers had probably just finished stacking those 18,000 tires up again.

John Krebs and Derrike Cope crash, Krebbs flips – 1994

Martin leaves the pits sans lug nuts, goes whoopsie 1989

Crew member forgets to put on lug nuts – action starts about 0:39 – watch for the happy little wheel to go bouncing gaily down the track.  Also wait for 1:52 – that must be the guy that screwed up.  Almost makes you feel sorry for him.

Ricky Rudd gets his victory taken away, 1991

This is not a huge crash by any means, but I’m including it because it was one of NASCAR’s most controversial calls ever.  After spinning the late Davey Allison on the last lap, Rudd drove under the checkers in first place, but NASCAR took the win away from Rudd and gave it to Allison.