You can really bet on anything.

The Sprint Unlimited doesn’t have rules yet. Fans will vote prior to Saturday’s start. But if people will wage real money on NFL preseason games, the WNBA and Wrestlemania, I can wager fake dollars on a made for television event.

The rules are simple. I wager fifty fake dollars on every Sprint Cup race. I only bet on drivers if I can double my fake money. I keep scoring during the entire season. It’s a recipe for family embarrassment but makes a random Sunday at Dover more interesting. With that in mind, my fake picks for the sake of entertainment and entertainment alone.
15 fake dollars on Dale Earnhardt Jr. at 8/1

The #88 would be my under the radar team for 2013. Too bad Dale Jr. can’t eat a burrito without overabundant media exposure. Still, I’m fake betting on the Gen6 car marking a return to title contention. Why not start here?

12 fake dollars on Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon at 10/1
Johnson ‘s media appearances exude confidence .  Gordon’s 2013 can’t be as bad as 2012. Both have won here and use these kind of events to test for the next race. I’m actually surprised they are only 10/1.
11 fake dollars on Kasey Kahne at 12/1

Of all the Hendrick drives, this is the one who I think has the best chance to win at Daytona. Of all the Hendrick drivers, this is the one who I think has the best chance to win the 2013 Sprint Cup. Of course, this now means Kahne has no chance of winning Saturday or sniffing the 2013 trophy,   but I say the year of Kahne begins Saturday night in a race that is utterly irrelevant.

New car, same team leading the show. I say it applies in the 2013 Sprint Cup regular season. Why not start in the preseason. Here’s what the Spread thinks. Enjoy Saturday night, and insert random catchphrase here.