We’re finally here.
The final race of the 2012 Sprint Cup schedule is upon us. Two drivers have a chance to take home the Sprint Cup. But there are four stories in play for this final race. As a result, there are four drivers getting my final fake dollars on the 2012 season. The driver who needs to win: 20 fake dollars on Jimmie Johnson at 4/1Johnson has the tenth best average finish among active drivers and has never won here. But Five Time has never had this large a deficit heading in ...



Apparently there’s no point watching the final two races of the 2012 Sprint Cup season.The good news is Jimmie Johnson’s win last week ensured me a third straight winning season. The bad news is that many are now just handing Captain Lowe’s his sixth Sprint Cup in seven years.  Here are three reasons why that’s way too premature. Clumsy Behavior:Teams are coming out of the woodworks to get ready for 2013. Some of these teams are, at best, unreliable. Cut tires, pe ...



It’s time for someone to crash the party. Who is it going to be?In 2010, Carl Edwards created a push that led to his near title in 2011. In 2011, Denny Hamlin seemed to recalibrate to his successful (except for last week 2011.) We’re now at a point where non-contenders make their push for 2013 mojo. Here are three likely contenders: Kevin Harvick:I get it. Harvick is in the Chase. But did you ever look at him at some point in 2012 and see a potential Sprint Cup Champion? The talen ...



Losing streaks. They happen in ever sport and walk of life.For drivers like Dale Earnhardt Jr., they become a monkey you can’t seem to shake. For drivers like Martin Truex Jr., they become obstacles you just don’t overcome. Losing streaks, though not as long, are starting to impact the leading contenders for this year’s Chase. The only drivers to win twice during the Chase are Matt Kenseth, who is totally out of the title picture for reasons that make no sense to me, and Bra ...



How fitting to have a gambling theme when a casino sponsors a race?With four legitimate contenders competing for the 2012 Sprint Cup title, there are gaming related questions that will impact each of their chances of ending the season as champion. Can Brad Keselowski regain his mojo?Miller Man had a fuel gamble go against him. That’s unheard of. Fuel economy is Keselowski’s biggest competitive advantage. Without it, he can’t take home the title.Can Jimmie Johnson win a race? ...

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