LeBron James is playing in the NBA Finals.Albert Pujols left the St. Louis Cardinals.Hulk Hogan turned on Randy Savage and joined the NWO. Now, I know they feel. The Quiken Loans 400 takes place in Michigan International Speedway. American automakers use these races as a chance to showcase their successes. Thank goodness there are more of those to share in recent years.But business is business. Joey Logano’s quest to avoid a pink slip has me up a fake 405 dollars. So, sven though this ...



The Pocono 400 might be the most conflicting race of the year.On one hand, shorter races seem to make sense; so, shortening the race by 40 laps seems like a good idea. On the other hand, I really like racing at Pocono and feel a bit bummed by the move.The shortening of Sunday’s race has also shortened the race, causing even more conflict with my picks. Prior to seeing the odds, Jimmie Johnson and Denny Hamlin seemed like obvious picks. They have the highest average finishing position am ...



Well that was fast.The 2012 Sprint Cup season is entering is second trimester with this week’s FedEx 400. And while we shouldn’t expect our favorite driver to develop a baby bump any time soon, we should expect the following trends to develop for the rest of this season. The Trevor Bayne Effect Is GoneWhen Ryan Newman is the biggest upset of the year, the difference between contenders and Dave Blaney is clear. There’s no need for crazy upset picks the rest of the season. Sor ...



On a homecoming weekend for many, Charlotte may be a different kind of return for one of racing’s most dominant teams.The first chunk of the 2012 Sprint Cup season revolved around Rick Hendrick’s quest for his 200th career win.  Jeff Gordon and Kasey Kahne struggled with bad luck; Dale Earnhardt Jr. struggled with putting together a complete race; Jimmie Johnson struggled with an extended funk from 2011. Smart people were asking quesitonsWow, how things have changed: Johnson& ...



I hate All-Star events. At least NASCAR makes them interesting.This year’s All-Star race will feature four segments at twenty laps a pop. The winner of each segment will start first through fourth in the final 10-lap sprint.While this is great for racing, it’s a random dart thrown blindfolded in a dark room with a board the size of a thimble for wagering. No chance.

The Sprint Showdown; now that might be the best wager all year. The race is two segments at twenty laps a pop. No f ...

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