UPDATED: Brian France Feels Your Pain … A Little Bit

UPDATE: Though I still think purchasing a luxury apartment for a cool $10 million sends a poor message, credit due to Brian France for flying commercial to races in California and Vegas earlier this year. Consider me modestly chastened.According to the April issue of NASCAR Illustrated, Brian France recently paid $10.6 million for an apartment in New York City. Let them eat cake, indeed!Look, France is a grown man, albeit one obviously in possession of too much disposable income ...


Forbes Magazine Takes on NASCAR

It's a safe bet that no one from Forbes magazine will be getting an invite to the NASCAR Christmas party this year. Certainly not Jack Gage, the author of a fairly cold-blooded look at the current state of NASCAR and the stewardship of Brian France (read the story here). At the very least, Gage's story is a stark counterpoint to the one produced by Sports Illustrated in 1995 (which you can read here). It might overstate things to say that the two serve as suitable bookends for NASCAR ...

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