Calls Out Junior

"" wonders if the pressure isn't getting to Dale Earnhardt. Jr.   There are those who will tell you that is nothing but a house organ for the sport and its governing body. True or not, the site does seem to play most of its journalism fairly straight, neither avoiding nor ignoring tough stories or controversial issues. And when it comes right down to it, you don't get a whole lot more controversial or run any greater risk of pissing o ...


NASCAR’s Highest-Earning Drivers

 According to, Dale Earnhardt Jr. pulled in a cool $35 million in 2008, or roughly $5 million more than Jeff Gordon, NASCAR's second-highest earner. Forbes estimates that only between eight and 31 percent of a driver's earnings is a result of performance, i.e., wins ... which is a really good thing for Junior, since he's won three whole races in the last four years. And, really, the fact is the guy is a marketer's wet dream, seemingly able to say and do damn near anything he w ...

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