This is not the first time we have featured Denny Hamlin's girlfriend Jordan Fish in a photo gallery. This week she was on Twitter writing about Hamlin's knee surgery, and that is all the excuse we needed to update our photo gallery of Denny Hamlin's girlfriend. Hey, did you know she was a dancer for the Charlotte Bobcats? You do now... Related links:Katie Kenseth picsIngrid Vandebosch mega-galleryDeLana Harvick photosMiss Sprint Cup Paige DukeMiss Sprint Cup 2010 lineupNASCAR sponsor Ki ...



This is why we love you, LOLnascar. Related links:Mark Martin and the InternetsBrad CauseawreckskiLa-la-la I can't hear youSay hello to my little friendThe 28-year-old virginEstrada!Another boring raceUnlike Juan Pablo Montoya, All Left Turns is beloved in SacramentoKanye interrupts Montoya television interviewHot moob actionKasey's missing Bud girlsThe Junior faceObama brings change Jeff Gordon can believe inWhose show is it?'Mikey' Katharine GallagherGuitar heroStaring contestFind me lucky ...

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