Cash grab or romance?  Whatever Valentine’s Day is, it’s looming. And since Daytona coverage is still a week away from consuming our mind, here are six Sprint Cup drivers who could use a hug, roses or a nice steak dinner with extra bacon next week.  Kurt Busch So Forbes listed Busch as one of the ten most unpopular athletes in sports. He was ahead of Kobe Bryant for goodness sake. And while Busch won’t ever get to Lance Armstrong territory, sponsors ...



Is it me, or are you glad for the holidays to be over?
Don’t get me wrong. Spending time with friends and family is always a special experience, but after weeks of eating and travel and more eating and more travel, it’s nice to be back and refreshed for 2013. The same holds true for NASCAR. Here are five drivers who can’t wait for 2013. Jamie McMurrayMcMurray went from winning Daytona and Indi in the same season to being an afterthought with a lost sponsor. His team is switc ...



The holidays are almost over. The Santa’s wish list column has been put to pasture. 2013 predictions are becoming mundane. It’s time to put fake money where a real mouth is and talk 2013 Sprint Cup racing….prop bet style. Odds Joey Logano really makes the leap this year: 10/1Someone foolishly predicted Joey Logano would make the Chase in 2011 and 2012. Oops. Logano has a new team, new crew chief and new running buddy in Brad Keselowski. This tandem is young, aggressive, tal ...



 Let it ride.There is no more fitting statement for NASCAR and sports wagering. After 37 races and hundreds of picks, being up fake money is a source of pride, even if that pride amounts to just 122 fake dollars. But instead of walking away with my head held high, I am taking my fake winnings from 2012 and throwing them down for 2013. Championship odds are out, and here is where my fake money is going. 24 fake dollars on Tony Stewart at 10/1Let’s assume this new car model resembles ...



We’re finally here.
The final race of the 2012 Sprint Cup schedule is upon us. Two drivers have a chance to take home the Sprint Cup. But there are four stories in play for this final race. As a result, there are four drivers getting my final fake dollars on the 2012 season. The driver who needs to win: 20 fake dollars on Jimmie Johnson at 4/1Johnson has the tenth best average finish among active drivers and has never won here. But Five Time has never had this large a deficit heading in ...

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