2013 STP 400 ODDS

Dear Brad Keselowksi, Having lived in Michigan for six years, I admire your guts, opinions, determination and dedication. So I say this with as much due respect as possible. Stop trying to be the Stone Cold Steve Austin of NASCAR.   Drinking beer, dropping bad language and fighting the man make for a great character in scripted entertainment. It sells shirts and seems like a great deal of fun. Sprint Cup champions should have fun. They should be able to speak their mind an ...


2013 NRA 500 ODDS

NASCAR doesn’t make any sense right now. It’s impossible to write about Sprint  Cup racing, see the title of this column and not address the 800-pound gorilla in the room.  Regardless of where you stand on the issue, there’s no good way to address it Saturday night. It’s not a matter if is something clunky happens, but how soon.  There are plenty of other mindboggling things in play that are more appropriate for Team FOX  to discuss. For example: ...



Sunday is going to be crazy. After the mayhem at Auto Club Speedway, the passive aggressive tweets, the radio interviews, the sit down apologies and the first bye week of the 2013 Sprint Cup season, NASCAR returns to the shortest track on the schedule. What could possibly go wrong?  This race will impact fake wagering in three ways. For starters, Joey Logano is off my board for the rest of 2013. Nobody is going to let Logano win after his reaction and reaction to his reaction. You c ...



Kasey Kahne is officially a contender.Kahne’s win a Bristol may have cost me 50 fake dollars, but it put Kahne into a different stratosphere with those predicting Sprint Cup success, one that might change how you watch Sunday’s Auto Club 400.Kahne has excelled on bigger faster tracks. The fact he won at Bristol shows Kahne’s game is more rounded. Oddsmakers have since taken notice.Even at tracks where Kahne does well, rarely he is lower than 10/1. This week, only Jimmie Johnson ...



Never has been at level ground felt so fulfilling.
After three straight weeks of losing, Matt Kenseth’s birthday victory brought me back to break even for the 2013 Sprint Cup season. Now comes the hard part.  Bristol is a track Kyle Busch owns, with five wins in sixteen career starts. I have put all of my fake money on him in past events. Yet this year seems different. For having the reputation of stability, Joe Gibbs Racing just seems off. Engine problems plagued them at Dayt ...

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