Jeff Burton on GH — I Smell Daytime Emmy!

Jeff Burton had a guest spot on the ABC sudser General Hospital the other day. While the 41-year-old has had no formal training in the dramatic arts, he brings a wizened subtlety and discreet vulnerability not equalled on screen since Sylvester Stallone's star turn as John Rambo in 1982's First Blood. Sadly underutilized in his only scene, Burton's impact is palpable. He is one of those rare actors who, by his mere presence, forces his fellow thespians t ...


The Randomness of Restrictor-Plate Racing

I kid, I kid! I mean, Waltrip did finish seventh, it says so right there on the results page, but, we all know Mikey can draft. Hell, if not for plate racing, Mikey's washing dishes down to the Waffle House, right? Anyway, Daytona is some kind of random. Kevin Harvick finishes second. Clint Bowyer finishes fourth. Between them, the two Richard Childress Racing drivers might have turned three good laps in practice all week. Hell, Harvick turned the eighth-best lap in the fi ...

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