Several sources have confirmed that Activision has acquired sole license to produce NASCAR video games (goodbye Reverse Madden Curse). Beginning next year with NASCAR 11, the first dedicated NASCAR racing sim in two years, Activision will roll out a series of video games integrating America's favorite motorsport into Activision's video game franchises.Activision has a slew of hot, new games combining the best of NASCAR with exciting, classic franchises. These title ...



I was once told you're never really involved in business unless you've been hired, fired, promoted and demoted. For Michael Waltrip, it's business time. Waltrip told reporters he hopes to run a limited Sprint Cup schedule in 2010. But his bigger focus as a driver is now on the Nationwide Series.  Per ESPN:"Ideally, for me, would be to get the type of sponsor that I could run the full Nationwide (schedule)," he said. "That's what I'd love to do. Then I'm here at the races, ...


Michael Waltrip WILL Retire

 Michael Waltrip has announced that he will retire if he isn't 'competitive' in 2009.   I'm sorry -- say what now? Michael Waltrip will retire if he isn't competitive in 2009? Um, so why is 2009 any different from any other in Waltrip's 24-year career?? Because, really, the man has never been competitive. At least, not in the sense of the word competitive.In 725 career starts, Darrell's little brother has won four races. Put another way, Darrell's littl ...

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