Richard Petty Might Wanna Keep His Day Job

So The King on Hannity -- I'll give him a pass on his whole we didn't get to be the United States by bowin' down to anybody claptrap, but there is something he said on the show that I really don't understand.No, I mean it -- I really don't understand it. Check this out: Can somebody -- anybody! -- please tell me what the hell Richard Petty thinks he's talking about in the 18 seconds of this clip from 54 seconds to 1:12. I mean, I watched this thing four times and I'm still confused. ...


Richard Petty Appearing on Sean Hannity

Clearly taking his role as his sport's "ambassador" just a bit too literally, Richard Petty (above, with Curt Schilling and John McCain), winner of a record 200 NASCAR races and a record-tying seven championship, will appear on Sean Hannity's self-titled program on FOX News Channel Wednesday at 9PM (EST).Petty will reportedly stake out NASCAR's position on proper troop deployment in Afghanistan and offer his own schedule for withdrawal from Iraq. "I think it’s an ...


The Pettys Might Want to Consider An Intervention

Having done my fair share of therapy in a vain attempt to work through anger and family-of-origin issues -- it didn't work -- I'm hesitant to weigh in on another family's squabbles or engage in armchair psychology. Look, I said I was hesitant ... I didn't say I wouldn't do it. Did you happen to see the answer Richard Petty gave to a question during a Dodge teleconference? The King's response to son Kyle's recent comments blasting what had ...

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