Brian Vickers and Scott Speed do not like each other. This would not be much of an issue – lots of people don’t like Scott Speed – except that they are Red Bull teammates and their feud has reached the boiling point. During Saturday’s Nationwide race in New Hampshire, Speed spun out Vickers on the last lap. Vickers retaliated by slamming the back of Speed’s car.

After the race Speed sarcastically said that he and Vickers would seek counseling. Vickers speculated that Speed hit him because Speed runs so poorly in the Sprint Cup. The next day Speed wrecked during the Lenox Industrial Tools 301. This is what Speed said when he was asked what happened. "I don’t know," he said. "I spun out. I think the car behind us got into us a little bit and it spun us out. Other than that I really can’t tell you. Maybe Brian (Vickers) paid someone off for yesterday. I don’t know."

That would make Elliott Sadler, who got into Speed, a hit man. Totally makes sense. Especially when you consider Sadler’s wardrobe.

Video of Saturday’s incident and each driver’s emotional reaction below:


Red Bull teammates still locking horns (Blog of Tomorrow)

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