Now what?

I’ve spent more than 40 weeks figuring out a way to wager fake income on races for the sake of your entertainment. Since I never put down any real money, I can’t even enjoy the 180 dollars I’m up because the money doesn’t exist.

I could spend time with my family. I could see old friends from school. I could come up with random bets Vegas should make to keep NASCAR fans interested this winter. So with all due respect to my Uncle Ed and high school friends I never really liked, it’s imaginary betting time.

Odds the Hendrick Crew Chief Swap Does Any Good: Even Money

Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s crew chief is going to Mark Martin. Martin’s crew chief will go to Jeff Gordon’s camp. Gordon’s crew chief is going to Dale Jr.

What might be more important is the divorce of sorts between Gordon and Jimmie Johnson. The new King will share the shop with the No. 88.

During an exclusive interview with our fine website,
Earnhardt Jr. said he will get back to being an elite driver. If sharing info with the No. 48 doesn’t help, I’m not sure what will. I will be the first to say Dale Jr. makes the Chase next year. That’s unless they change the Chase rules. But we all know NASCAR never changes the rules on the fly. Speaking of which

Odds NASCAR Changes The Chase Format: 1/245,876,980,546,286,542
Ratings were flat at Homestead. They were up in the younger demographics. That’s the biggest victory NASCAR can claim in the ratings battle this year. It’s not a matter of if NASCAR’s final race has the title on the line. It’s how NASCAR ensures that happens.

Odds Carl Edwards Really Competes For The 2011 Title: 15/1

Google “Card Edwards 2011” and you’ll find all sorts of people who say Roush Fenway Racing has finally figured it out. The problem is we’ve heard this about Edwards and Greg Biffle before.

I get it. Find a 1 ½ mile track and these guys roll. But in case you didn’t know, NASCAR runs on other kinds of tracks. Team Roush has to figure out way to stay in contention until the final three weeks of the season. Or they have to hope NASCAR resets the points system going into the final races. Or they have to hope NASCAR keeps Talladega as a Chase race and Johnson gets wrecked by Scott Speed.  Regardless, Captain Backflip has to prove me wrong.  Sorry Jared from Subway.

Odds Joey Logano Gets Knocked On His @#$ in 2011: 2/1
While most of us focused on the relevant drivers in Miami, did you see Logano wreck Juan Pablo Montoya after Montoya got into him earlier in the race? Dang.

Logano has showed spunk this year. He walked out on interviews after Nationwide races and went after Kevin Harvick. Now this.

Here’s the problem. In a quest to boost ratings, we know the NASCAR Mafia is going to ensure drivers have a chance to take a swing when confrontation arises. If you think I’m wrong, look how lax security was with Jeff Gordon and Jeff Burton.  We’re going to see punches.

And no disrespect to Logano, but he looks like a twig.  That center of gravity is going to send him down in 2011.

Odds Brad Keselowski Gets Knocked On His @#$ in 2011: 1/5
I think he throws the first punch. Watch out Kyle Busch.

Odds Kyle Busch Gets His Act Together: 3/1

Why hasn’t Busch’s meltdown been a bigger 2010 story? Dude swept three races at Bristol, won 235 times on the Nationwide Series and led a ton of races. Yet when it came Chase time, he wilted like a flower under a heating lamp.

Name me three drivers with more talent than Busch. I’m waiting. But this million dollar talent keeps acting like he has a ten cent noggin. If he gets it together, meet Jimmie Johnson’s biggest threat to eight championships. If not, what a waste of talent. I hope I’m wrong on Busch. NASCAR needs him to be relevant, not loud. There’s a difference.

I’ve eaten too much turkey. Uncle Ed wants to share the same story for the 23rd straight year. High school friends want me to go the same lame bar I go to every year. I’m thankful for racing, and my impending nap. Enjoy the weekend, count your blessings and insert random catchphrase here.