Tony Stewart faces the music this afternoon. And you can be the one playing the violin, or the fiddle. 

As part of a promotional stunt with Burger King, Stewart will take a lie detector test at 1 PM ET today. Fans will have a chance to chime in with questions at this web site. If you log on and have no original thoughts of your own, please ask any of the following questions we’ve come up with over the last few weeks.

1. What does Danica  Patrick smell like?
2. What does Ryan Newman smell like?
3. Kyle Busch doesn’t act that way all the time. Does he?
4. Does Joe Gibbs read bedtime stories to his drivers the night before a race?
5. Is it true you and Mojo had a falling out over a missing chocolate-covered banana?
6. Will you challenge Kobayashi in the next hot dog eating championship?
7. Don’t you want to just punch Jimmie Johnson in the face?
8. Is Robby Gordon really that crazy, or is it just an act?
9. Is Michael Waltrip an alien?
10. Would you wipe chili from Richard Petty’s mustache for a Whopper?
11. Would you wipe chili from Richard  Petty’s mustache just for fun?
12. What in the Whopper is up with this picture?

One more note: Those Estrada sunglasses from the commercial are available for purchase. The money goes to charity. Heads up: They are novelty sunglasses and not meant to be used as the real thing. That goes for pretty much any pair of sunglasses that features a quasi-celebrity’s name on the lens.