Tony Stewart took the plunge. Wow, did he fall deep. Stewart took a polygraph test yesterday to prove his love for the Whopper. The kicker: fans had a chance to chime in with questions. Stewart was visibly sweating during the one-hour interrogation/comedy bonanza.


The highlights:

  • Stewart admitted to crying after losing a race at Indianapolis.
  • The driver/owner acknowledged asking other drivers for an autograph, though at least those were for charity.
  • Stewart told fans he sings in the shower (classic rock – not ABBA).
  • He admitted to opening Christmas gifts before he was supposed to.

Stewart did get caught lying a few times. The lie detector dude gave the thumbs down when Stewart was asked about crying after watching a movie of the week. From the bury-the-lead department, Stewart also got caught lying when asked if he ever went commando during a race. At least Stewart told the truth about his disdain of musical theater. Whew.

You can see the entire video here. It’s on a rolling loop. The Web gurus at the BK Lounge are working to create on-demand segments. Below is a video proving Tony’s love of eating, as though we did not know. Still, you should watch. There’s more cheese in this video than on 1,000 Whoppers.   

Stewart comes off like a good guy in what must be called a very successful promotional stunt. He and BK are even teaming up to sell the Estrada glasses that are causing so much buzz. You can bid on them here, and proceeds will go to charity. Bidding ends Friday at 6 PM ET.