Many have joked about Tony Stewart’s love of eating. Now Stewart is turning the tables, getting paid and probably eating free fast food for awhile.

Published reports say Burger King is putting Stewart in a new ad campaign. The spot will feature Stewart taking a polygraph to prove his love of BK’s Whopper. The kicker: Stewart will take an actual lie detector test streamed live on Al Gore’s best invention ever, and fans will have a chance to send in questions.

"It’s no secret that I love the Whopper sandwich," Stewart said in a statement. "Participating in a live polygraph test just further demonstrates my enthusiasm and the lengths that I’ll go to prove my love for its flame-fresh taste."

Pardon me for a moment while I take a brief aside. Having written a fair amount of press releases in my day, the quote above might be the cheesiest and most contrived statement in the history of ever. Even Stewart’s mighty digestive capacity can’t handle that crap.

Now let’s read a slightly better statement from the suits at BK about this multi-year deal.

"We’re thrilled to bring his passion to life through this campaign and equally excited to be working with him in the coming years as part of our overall commitment to Nascar."

While eating a tasty sandwich from a fast food place that makes flame-broiled delight, I came up with the following questions for this live polygraph. Chime in with yours in the comment box.

1. What does Danica Patrick smell like?
2. What does Ryan Newman smell like?
3. Kyle Busch doesn’t act that way all the time, does he?
4. Does Joe Gibbs read bedtime stories to his drivers the night before a race?
5. Will you challenge Kobayashi at the next hot dog eating championship?
6. Is it true you and Mojo had a falling out over a missing chocolate-covered banana?
7. What in the Whopper is going on in this picture?

Burger King Puts Celebrity Endorsement to the Test