Tony Stewart’s Brickyard kiss of Miss Sprint Cup revealed a disturbing trend. What started as a sweet kiss tradition has turned infamous on the lips of Tony Stewart.  When NASCAR officials said ‘Have At It,’ they didn’t foresee the indiscriminate kissing rampage Stewart has conducted on unsuspecting NASCAR personalities, celebrities, politicians and public officials. 

There is no telling where he will next strike (although Victory Lane at the Brickyard is likely).  The following photos highlight Tony Stewart’s most infamous kisses.

Stewart Tries to Hold Back Harvick with Kisses

Tony Sneaks in a Kiss at the White House

Kiss on Kiss

Stewart’s Cover of Prince and the Revolution’s ‘Kiss’

Chandra’s Hand Placement: The Origin of Stewart and Johnson’s Feud

Tony Stewart’s Inappropriate Kiss after Winning the Oscar

Who is the Real Monster? (Answer: The Kissing Bandit)

Tony Kissing the Kissing Bandit

Did You Stick Around for the DVD Extras on Jurassic Park?  This Velociraptor Did.

Tony Stewart In His Controversial MTV Kiss