Top 10 New Excuses For Kyle Busch Hitting Brad Keselowski

22 wrecks at Kansas

“I just got too tight up off the corner underneath the 22 (of Keselowski) there and got too close to him, got inside of his wake and I couldn’t get the car to turn so I ultimately got into him and spun him out.”– Kyle Busch after Kansas Lottery 300

Whether true or not, this reasoning for the wreck Saturday at Kansas Speedway sounds a lot like “the dog ate my homework.” We believe he can do better, so here’s a list of ten excuses he rehearse before the next time these two meet….

#10- “I had an empty can of NOS (Energy Drink) roll out from under my seat, and it got stuck beneath my brake pedal and the floor.”

#9- “The sun was in my eyes.”

#8- “My arm was itching. I think I caught poison ivy from Clint Bowyer.”

#7- “I swerved to miss a possum.”

#6- “I had a hot dog wrapper get caught in my grill, and my engine was heating up. I ran up behind the 22 to clear it, and my foot slipped off the brake.”

#5- “The M&M s stole my car, and they were driving it.”

#4- “Darn it! I was wracking my brain, trying to remember the second verse to ‘Workin’ For The Weekend,’ and ‘Whack’ there he was!”

#3- “The Galactic Empire pirated my radio and yelled “’Outside, outside!’”

#2- “The 22 was all over the track, and I had to swerve several times before hitting him.”

…and finally, the #1 justification for Kyle Busch wrecking Brad Keselowski out…..

“I thought Brad might want to beat the dinner rush at the Hollywood Casino’s Epic Buffet, so I thought I’d let him get a head start.”