The Top 40 Cars in Feature Films*

My brethren of the blog over at ScreenJunkies have selected the Top 40 Cars from Feature Films. While there any number of inspired choices among the 40 — I got misty seeing Luke Skywalker’s Land Speeder at No. 33 — their list deserves an asterisk; neither Stroker Ace’s Ford Thunderbird ("Fastest Chicken in the South!") nor Cole Trickle’s Mello Yello Chevy Lumina received any love whatsoever.

But if the willful disregard of Stroker and Cole can somehow be explained — I am waiting — I daresay I find it utterly inexcusable, indefensible, and downright reprehensible that my blog brothers just flat ignored Ricky Bobby’s Chevrolet Monte Carlo. 

This continued disregard for all things NASCAR by the wine-drinking, cheese-eating, Ascot-wearing set will not soon be forgotten.