If you’re like me, you love specialty paint schemes. It’s like when your girlfriend dyes her hair. All of the sudden you feel like you’re dating a different woman. Like you’re cheating, only you’re not, because it’s still her. It’s hot. You’re into it. You think about taking her to the costume shop to see what it has in the way of cheerleader, Princess Leia and Sarah Palin outfits. You’re like, "Yes. I didn’t know I wanted this. But I do."

What was I talking about? Oh yeah, specialty paint schemes. The kids over at The Bleacher Report recently put together a list of the top 15 specialty paint schemes in NASCAR. It’s a good list. As you might guess, Earnhardt cars are all over it.

Hue Look Marvelous: My Top 15 Specialty Paint Schemes in NASCAR (The Bleacher Report)

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